Hospital-used NPWT

Dimension: 240*150*130mm
Advantages:1. Security intelligence
                                2. Deodorant and warning function.
                                3. Leakage detection function.


Applied symptoms

S1NPB01 is used in conjunction with our SNPVA-2 or SNPU1. With continuous and intermittent therapy, vacuum-assisted closure to reduce edema, increase blood flow, potentially decrease bacterial colonization, and reduce wound size greatly.
Applied Symptoms: Chronic wounds; acute wounds; traumatic wounds; cortical burns; diabetic ulcers and stress ulcers; flap grafts; surgical closure of the incision site.
Applied Department: Orthopedics, Burns Branch, General Surgery, Wound Center



1. None clearance or necrotic eschar wound.
2. Wound with tumor tissue.
3. connect with organs.
4. Wound with large vessels or organs exposed.
5. Serious shock or with other fatal injuries.
6. Abnormal blood clotting or blood disease history.



1. The device must be used by the professional medical staffs after the relevant training in strict accordance with the instructions, please use within the scope.
2. The device must be kept dry. Do not soak in water. The power plug, switch and power jack can not be used in the case of wet or splashing water.
3. Using a high sensitivity pressure sensor to measure the pressure, and calibrated based on atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the ambient temperature, pressure, humidity changes, will affect the negative pressure. In plateau area, user need to consider the adjustment of pressure differences when operating.
4. Before operation, check the canister, connectors of tubes. There should not be loose, or might cause leakage or system failure.
5. Canister, dressing, and tubing are one-time use accessories, must be placed in appropriate container or destroy to avoid infection.
6. Do not break down or re-modify the device.



1. The device must be kept dry. Do not soak in water. The power plug, switch and power jack can not be used in the case of wet or splashing water.
2. When the device is on hold for a long time, need to charge the battery every six months.
Methods: Plug the adapter on the utility plug.
3. After operation, the power switch must be turned off.

Hospital-used NPWT

S1NPB00 is a long-life device, it can be carried, can be placed on the flat area, with a canister and the adapter. Pressure setting is from -40 to -200mmHg. High-quality LCD screen display, easy to operate. The device use a new long-life and low-noise vacuum pump and can work continuously for a long time. The device uses high-power battery module can be used continuously for 150 hours, the noise is less than 50dB. With pressure alarm, tube block alarm, leakage alarm and detection and other functions.