Disposable Dressing for NPWT

Dimension: 180*125*33mm
Advantages:1. Suction patent with anti-blocking design
                                2. Good biocompatibility


Applied symptoms

The product is sterilized, conjunction with NPWT. Applied for human surgery for postoperative sustained negative pressure drainage, a variety of acute and chronic trauma; open fractures and soft tissue defects; chronic bone with inflammation and wound healing; diabetic peripheral neuropathy caused by abscess; lower extremity venous insufficiency caused by abscess and other causes of abscess; bed sores; burns; burns or frostbite wounds; skin grafts.


Applied Department

Orthopedics, Burns Branch, General Surgery, Wound Center



1. Forbidden to use on trauma with active bleeding or large bleeding.
2. Forbidden to use on vascular disease, wound tissue without blood vessels or venous thrombosis patients.
3. Forbidden to use on patients who is allergy to PU film.
4. Forbidden to use into the human chest or into the cranial wound.
5. Allergy to polymer materials.
6. necrotic tissue scab.
7. Non-curative osteomyelitis.
8. Non-tubular and non-detectable tube.
9. With malignant tumors in the wound.
10. Forbidden to use on the wounds with veins, nerves, anastomosis sites, bone tissue and tendons exposed.



1. The product should be operated by medical staff.
2. This product is a one-time use only, do not use when the package is damaged.
3. Only can be used before expiration date.
4. Do not use if when foreign body in the package.
5. Can only be used for NPWT.
6. The accessories should be connected well to avoid leakage, the system should be a closed loop.

Disposable Dressing for NPWT

The product is mainly composed by the tube, suction plate patch, clamp, medical film and medical PU foam composition. The dressing is made by PU and it is used with Suneetek's Hospital-used device. With continuous and intermittent therapy, vacuum-assisted closure to reduce edema, increase blood flow, potentially decrease bacterial colonization, and reduce wound size greatly. Reduce hospital stay, safe medical resources and increase the living quality of the patients.