• Technological Advantage

    Proprietary technology on the core components.Independent research and mass production ability

  • Promotion Support

    Brochure, online media, conference and exhibition.

  • Service Support

    The company provides free training, marketing promotion program, home guidance service, full service tracking service.

  • Join Conditions
  • It is an independent legal entity, including the medical device project within the scope of registration of the Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce of the place where it is located
  • Having a fixed place of business
  • Have certain economic strength and good business reputation
  • Sales ability, technical understanding and service ability of distribution agent products
  • Have regional customer relations, or familiar with the promotion model of such products
  • Recognize the concept and operation method of an enterprise, and actively cooperate with enterprises to do market work well

Investment Policy
  • 01

    Supply Commodity

    Provide timely supply of goods to ensure nationwide arrival within 3-10 days

  • 02


    Provide reasonable operational space,
    ensure input yield

  • 03


    Provide legal business procedures, and continue to be stable for dealers to do comprehensive service work

  • 04

    Rights and interests

    Implement subregional distribution to ensure dealer rights and interests

Sales incentive

The company gives great rewards to its good partners every year.
Details of the award are announced annually in the dealer incentive policy,
Or call each sales engineer directly.

Joining Process
  • Intention Negotiation

  • On-the-spot Investigation

  • Contract Signing

  • Business Authorization

  • Service Support